Frequently Asked Questions

Why to use Happy2Purchase ?

It is the easiest way to track prices on all the most competitive ecommerce website like , , , ,, and You can never miss any price drop. We will help you buy the right deal at the right price.

Is providing mobile number necessary ?

Absolutely not. If you wish to receive price drop alerts on your mobile via SMS, only then you need to provide us with your mobile number.

Is their any limit to number of price drop alert per person ?

No, there is no limit on number of price drop alerts. You are free to set as many number of price drop alerts as you like and track your product prices.

What does "URL is fishy" mean ?

It indicates an invalid URL input. Though this happens rarely, but if it does happen then go back and try once again with the same URL . If you think the URL is valid but still getting the same error then drop us a mail at and we will contact you within 12 hours and set an alert for you.

How to stop getting the alerts ?

Whenever we send an alert either by Email or SMS, we attach a link to stop the alert. Find and click that link to stop getting our alert service. But, we will surely miss you.

How to contact us or let us know any suggestions ?

We are always happy to help you anytime. Feel free to drop us a mail at and we will get back to you within 12 hours.

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